The "African" Rifle

The "African" rifle is built on our largest Magnum Mauser action and is designed to accommodate the largest dangerous game cartridges. 416 Rigby, 505 Gibbs, even the various .585 and .600 wildcats are easily digested by the "African."

Like all Satterlee rifles, the "African" bottom metal, feed rails and follower are all geometrically designed from the ground up to ensure 100% flawless feeding and functioning.

Satterlee "African" 416 Rigby

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PHONE: 605.584.2189
21593 Pahkamaa Road
Deadwood, SD 57732

Add 3% for Credit Card Orders

Base Price: $12,000.00

> Magnum Mauser Action in client's choice of calibers
(Right or Left Hand)

> Drop Box Magazine
(Cartridge Specific)

> Satterlee 3-Position Safety
(Right or Left Hand)

> Match-Grade barrel

> Barrel Banded Front Sight
(Integral Front Sight Optional)

> Barrel Banded Front Swivel
(Integral Swivel Optional)

> Barrel Banded Rear Sight
(Quarter Ribs Optional)
(Integral Quarter Rib Optional)

> Blackburn or Recknagel Trigger

> Classic Styled wooden Stock
(Cost of stock Blank Additional)

> Integral Scope Bases Available:
Sunny Hill
Claw Mounts (Optional)